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Stylish & Supportive Ergonomic Office Furniture in Australia

Product Description

Finding the perfect desk to fit your design scheme isn’t always easy. So, if you have already found your perfect desktop, you might feel you’re trapped with a fixed desk. You can now have a choice of working while sitting or standing with our adjustable standing desk frame. 


We have engineered our standing desk frames with the toughest materials to provide rigidity and stability, ensuring you have the most stable and toughest adjustable frames available. 

Product Features

Have you already found the perfect desktop set-up but find it a hassle to find an ergonomic standing desk? Then an adjustable standing desk frame is your best option. Not only are our frames height adjustable, but they are also width adjustable, meaning that you can fit any size tabletop set up into any space you want! 


Our height-adjustable electric standing desk frame has built-in features like lifting columns to make your workday flow. Lifting columns are extremely efficient as they are multi-staged, allowing for flexible height adjustments while staying compact and mobile.


Product Delivery

Buy online now and we will dispatch in-stock items within 48 hours. Or, we can deliver your adjustable sit and stand desk frame straight to you within 1-10 business days, Australia-wide!


Product Benefits

There are drastic differences between our height adjustable desk frame and the standard tabletops you are currently using. 

Reduce Back Pain

Spending the whole day sitting can become strenuous for your body, and this is where an electric height adjustable desk frame comes in handy. Once you are feeling uncomfortable, you can just adjust the standing desk to your desired height. This provides flexibility so you don’t have to sit for prolonged periods of time.  

Increase Concentration

Creating a comfortable working environment will boost productivity because it causes people to be more alert and more focused on their work, than when they are sitting and hunched over their keyboard. Standing focuses the body’s circulatory system to work harder because it needs to maintain blood flow over a greater area.

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